Softball / Football / Rugby

Synthetic softball / football / rugby pitches are designed to replicate the best natural grass fields, requiring less maintenance than any natural turf. Around the world the greatest and most popular sport is taking to synthetic grass, full pitches, training areas and mini football.

Our synthetic turf is a long pile, sand and rubber filled soft polyethylene fine fibrillated carpet with a special fibre for infill stability. It has a dual backing for greater stability, wear and tear. This surface should improve player’s safety in terms of impact and freedom of movement. Allowing players to perform their full range of skills using normal footwear as they would on natural grass.

This surface will provide:

  • Consistent, high performance playing conditions
  • Greater longevity than natural fields
  • Increased hours of field usage and more
  • Suitable for a variety of potential uses – softball, football, rugby, league, futsal, american football and other programs such as skill development, training and competitions
  • Perfect for indoor stadiums where natural turf is impossible to grow
  • Fields unaffected by weather and resistant to harsh climatic conditions, meaning longer playing hours and end of field closures