Hard Courts – Multi Sport Surfaces

California Sports Surfaces is a renowned leader in the production of acrylic surfaces on a global scale. With a comprehensive range of products designed for various sports and recreational activities like basketball, netball, and tennis, they have established themselves as industry pioneers. Their expertise is evident in the cushioned surfaces used at prestigious events such as the US and Australian tennis opens. Additionally, their indoor track systems are trusted and utilized in arenas across the globe.

Crafted to meet the demands of top-level competition and intensive training, California Sports Surfaces’ premium acrylic surfaces deliver outstanding performance. These surfaces offer a hard and fast playing area, ensuring players can showcase their skills to the fullest. The consistent bounce provided by these surfaces enables precise gameplay, fostering an environment where athletes can perform at their best. Moreover, the durability of these surfaces has been proven time and again, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of regular and demanding use.

Choose California Sports Surfaces for state-of-the-art acrylic surfaces that embody quality, reliability, and innovation. Elevate your sporting experience with their world-class solutions, trusted by professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Multisport Surfaces - Multi Synthetic grass and surfaces

Internationally recognised as the No. 1 players’ surface. Rebound Ace was the choice of the Australian Open at Melbourne Park for 20 years.

Multisport Surfaces - Multi Synthetic grass and surfaces

Synpave is a high-performance yet economic solution for tennis, netball, basketball, futsal and multi-sport areas. Synpave’s Ultra Top Coat provides owners with their choice of 12 vibrant colours.

Multisport Surfaces - Multi Synthetic grass and surfaces

The need for a long-wearing, cushioned indoor surface lead to the development of Rebound Impact. Designed for a wide variety of indoor sports, Rebound Impact is tough and durable for mult-purpose usage.