The introduction of synthetic surfaces has significantly changed the sport of field hockey. Since being introduced in the 1970’s , competitions in western countries are now mostly played on artificial surfaces. This has changed the game considerably with a fast pitch, true ball roll and player comfort with sport improving beyond recognition. Multisport Surfaces Ltd ensures that all synthetic hockey fields are installed to the highest standards. The quality of a hockey field is measured by its performance in the areas of safety, drainage and playing characteristics such as hockey ball behaviour.

Multisport Surfaces Ltd provides a full hockey turf system, which includes construction and installation services through to project completion. There have since been significant improvements in modern hockey turf systems due to research of synthetic turf fibres and shock absorption properties. For new installations or an upgrade of your existing pitch, you can enjoy top flight hockey in the modern game with a Multisport Surfaces synthetic hockey field.

There are several types of hockey fields available:

Water Based Fields

This superior grade of hockey surface has a very high density of artificial grass with no sand infill thus providing a consistent ball roll and bounce. The surface is fully irrigated with a layer of water which results in an extremely fast and professional game. Due to the absence of sand, the blades of artificial grass are free-moving which enables players to get their hockey stick under the ball. This allows for a technical game with many possibilities.

The water layer in the hockey surfaces has low slide resistance and shock absorbance properties for excellent player safety. Unlike some sand based hockey pitches, the surface will remain soft even at low temperatures thereby reducing the risk of friction burns. The water also has a cooling effect and provides a protective layer between players and the surface. For additional safety, Multisport Surfaces Ltd fields can be fitted with a shock pad which places less stress on the player’s muscles and joints

Sand Filled Hockey Fields

The grass fibres are kept upright by the sand infill, ensuring a high degree of stability and wear resistance. The surface provides an even and predictable ball roll. Sand filled hockey fields are very popular with schools and municipalities due to their multifunctional use.

Dressed Hockey Fields

A dressed hockey field is one which has a partial sand infill between 66% to 80% of pile depth. This infill is enough to maintain the blades of artificial grass in a vertical position. The appearance resembles an unfilled hockey field but with a slightly longer pile height.

Semi Water Based Pitch

A semi water based hockey field (sometimes called “half sand filled”) is one which has a sand infill less than 60% of pile depth. The artificial grass surface is of a higher density than other sand based hockey fields. A built-in sprinkler system irrigates the field which provides a high quality surface similar to a water-based pitch.