Multi-use / Multi Court

Synthetic grass surfaces can transform your school or club into an aesthetic, safe and practical recreational areas that are usable regardless of the weather and turn existing plain sport spaces into brilliantly versatile multi-sport facilities.

Multisport Surfaces can discuss with the client which type of grass is suitable for their needs. Multisport Surfaces Ltd has access to many types of synthetic grass which range from , cushioned, short/long pile, wet and non sand filled courts ensuring a guaranteed quality surface for your school or club.

Multi-use surfaces can be configured to suit the sports and games that will be played on them. A range of contrasting colours are available. Mobile goals and nets can divide a multi-use facility into different temporary modules.

Typical Multi-use layouts include but not limited to:

  • Running track with permanently marked lanes and the infield marked out courts.
  • A hockey field with up to 5 tennis courts marked in contrasting line colours.
  • Tennis courts and netball courts sharing the same surface with practice circles for hockey.
  • An attractive, clean school playground with line marking for hopscotch, mini-tennis and other games.

Enhance Your Sporting Experience with a Multisport Surfaces Multiplay Court

A Multisport Surfaces Multi use court offers more than just a standard tennis court, providing endless fun and games. When it’s time to resurface your existing court, our team of tennis and multi-sport experts will work closely with you to understand your family or Schools sporting interests. Together, we’ll create a court that not only meets your needs but exceeds your expectations.

Our Multisport Surfaces courts offer a dry, level playing surface that remains attractive day after day. With minimal maintenance required. But the possibilities don’t end there. We have a range of fantastic ideas to enhance your Multi Court court even further.

Unlock the full potential of your court with Multisport Surfaces. Contact us today, and let’s bring your family’s sporting dreams to life.

Consider adding basketball keys and hoops to your court, allowing you to enjoy exciting basketball matches right at home. For hockey enthusiasts, we can cut in a designated “D” area on one end or the side of the court, perfect for stick tricks, dribbling practice, and goal scoring. If cricket is your passion, why not add a cricket wicket on the edge of your Multisport Surface court? This versatile space can also serve as a mini-golf driving range, complete with proper fencing and enclosure.

Netball enthusiasts can perfect their goal shooting skills with a netball goal circle and hoop. Additionally, our non-directional surface is excellent for improving football skills, providing consistent ball control and secure footing. The possibilities continue with options like volleyball, badminton, a baseball diamond, and even classic games like hopscotch and foursquare.

At Multisport Surfaces, we use different colors and line markings to distinguish various games and sports within the turf. These markings are either tufted into the turf during the manufacturing process or cut into the turf during installation. With over 40 years of experience, we are the experts in establishing and installing multi-sport courts in schools and various settings.