Rebound Ace Impact

Rebound Ace Impact is the multi-purpose indoor sports surface.

The need for a long-wearing, cushioned indoor surface lead to the development of Rebound Impact. Designed for a wide variety of indoor sports, Rebound Impact is tough and durable for mult-purpose usage like assembly halls and community centres while providing excellent playing characteristics for sports such as basketball, volleyball, netball and badminton. In fact almost any sport that is played indoor can be played on Rebound Impact. 

Rebound Ace Impact is the preferred therapeutically cushioned option to hard floors and timber.  This surface removes the harshness of a hardcourt or timber surface and actually enhances performance. The reduction in impact on leg muscles and joints greatly improves the comfort levels of players as well as lowering fatigue. This in turn allows players to perform better, maximising their true potential. 

Rebound Ace Impact is a resilient, multi-layered product consisting of an elastic rubber cushioned base, self levelling polyurethane wear layer as well as a polyurethane top coat with a non reflective matt finish. Rebound Ace Impact is manufactured under strict quality procedures conforming to the highest world quality assurance standard  ISO9001 rating.

  • Multi-purpose indoor surface
  • Water-based technology
  • Multi-layered composition
  • Self levelling wear layer
  • Range of colours
  • Eco friendly
  • Consistent ball bounce
  • Cushioned system
  • Sure footed grip
  • Suitable for a wide variety of sports or uses
  • Free of toxic fumes
  • Player comfort and excellent sound attenuation
  • Durability and toughness
  • To suit indoor sport or interior design
  • Solvent-free installation
  • Promotes player development
  • Reduced strain on muscles and joints
  • Low injury risk
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Rebound impact